I just had a wonderful experience with active networks and there LA team. Adolfo and his guys were extremely professional, efficient and reasonable. I am excited to work with them again, how often can you say that about tech companies! Thank you active network for making my job easy.
– amanda f.
Active Networks has been providing my business with all our computer networking,  video surveillance systems, and has been available everytime we needed immediate assistance.  Exceptional work,  reliable and professional. Highly recommend.
– Rachel P.
I just had these guys install a tv for me with a couple of components that are hidden in a closet.  They came in and designed the install for me.  It was a very good experience having such professional and knowledgeable installers at my home.  Made sure my floor was covered and even vacuumed after they were done!!!  I will definitely use them again in the future for my outdoor speakers and wireless networking options they gave me.  Price was very reasonable for the quality of work that they do... THANK YOU VERY MUCH ACTIVE NETWORKS!!
– Mario A.
Hired these guys to wire a house for internet and TV. They have a Direct TV rep who handles the cable installation and met the Time Warner people to install the modems/routers without us having to do anything. Very friendly, efficient and professional.
– Anshu S.
My internet went out on Thursday night and I was panicking thinking we would have to go the weekend without it.  I called active network in the morning and they were out by afternoon.  They were so knowledgable about how our system was set up and had it reconfigured and working better than ever within an hour.   Their prices were reasonable and they were life savers.  I found out they do audio visual too and they are coming back to fix a problem with my audio system  too.  I was impressed they were also knowledgable about the type of audio system we have as well.  They were awesome!
– Jackie L.